Six major industries

Gong Tong Yun Supply Chain Group

Gongtongyun is a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management Platform for Bulk Commodities of Cedar Holdings Group

Chemical Industry Group

The chemical industry group was established around the listed company Qixiangtengda

Culture & Tourism Group

With the strategy of reconstructing the value of tourism industry, we are committed to becoming the first brand of Chinese cultural tourism

King Vision Group

Committed to providing customers with a superior lifestyle

Community Ecological Operations Group

Building Community Service Ecosystem

Financial Services Group

Put strict control risks in the first place, respond to the real industry orientation, and anchor the entity economy

Gongtongyun Supply Chain Group

Chemical Industry Group

Cultural Tourism Group

Junhua Real Estate Group

Community Ecology Operations Group

Financial Services Group

Sunshine Supervision

In order to carry forward one of the cedar seven virtues: "Trust: Only loyalty cannot be let down, supervision and suspicion are used to protect trust。" The holding group has set up the following sunlight reporting channels。 Any Cedar employee or partner knows that any employee is involved in。

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